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Demystifying Divorce: Separating Fact From Fiction

Demystifying Divorce: Separating Fact From Fiction Lawyer, Renton CityCommon Questions And Concerns About The Divorce Process

Initiating a divorce proceeding in Washington can cause a mixture of so many emotions – regardless of what side of the matter you find yourself on. This is exacerbated by the fact most people have no experience with the law or different legal processes, so each step of the way feels clouded in confusion and uncertainty.

The truth is, many people fail to realize that what they have been served with is simply the other party’s proposal. Instead, they mistakenly believe it is the case’s finality and what the court has ordered. Many also tend to have misconceptions about their rights in these situations, namely regarding whether they must immediately conform to the request. When people partner with us, we quickly reassure them that what they have received is merely a proposal, nothing more – it is not anything a judge has ruled on.

For those who have not yet been served, the first step is usually to schedule a consultation with our team. It is at this stage that we go through the entire procedural aspect of their case and answer many questions for them. Often, our explanations center around the nature of the divorce process and reiterating that a divorce proposal is not a court order.

Common Misconceptions About The Divorce Process

Many people assume that since they (supposedly) share nothing, their divorce should be straightforward. However, after we raise a few matters with them, they quickly realize their assumptions are unfounded. These matters include things such as whether they share a car, bank account, or retirement account and whether one of the spouses did not work but instead stayed home. Additionally, many people, particularly in Washington, tend to think it is a “mother’s state”, meaning it is favorable towards mothers and will give them their heart’s desire regarding child custody. This is not the case.

People also tend to have many misconceptions when it comes to situations where domestic violence is the basis for divorce. Because of this, a spouse may accuse the other of domestic violence to establish justification for keeping them away from their children. Even if only temporarily, they aim to alienate and believe they can do this successfully by filing a domestic violence protection order. Many believe this because domestic violence protection orders cover a wide range of things beyond physical abuse, including:

  • Verbal abuse;
  • Mental abuse;
  • Coercive control, which includes controlling finances;
  • Threatening immigration status;
  • And more…

However, domestic violence protection orders do not always provide the outcomes that people seek.

Essentials Of Divorce Preparation

Divorce proceedings often revolve around the financial aspects of the marriage. When contemplating divorce, it is not uncommon for people to engage in certain behaviors that aim to protect their own financial interests. This often manifests itself in draining bank accounts, abruptly transferring funds, or even selling an asset like a home. To protect yourself in these situations, take prompt legal action by filing a petition in court as soon as you become aware of questionable financial activities like the ones mentioned. An automatic financial restraint can be implemented if you initiate the legal process, notifying the spouse that they are prohibited from taking further financial actions without a court order. Having one in place will safeguard you from such manipulative behavior, which can heavily influence crucial determinations later in your case, such as spousal support and the division of assets.

We have encountered countless cases where one spouse removes the other spouse’s name from a joint bank account, depletes it entirely, or even closes it. Additionally, there are instances where a spouse sells a jointly owned property without the knowledge or consent of the other spouse because the property is titled in their name alone. They may even abandon the home without notice and neglect their responsibilities toward the children or deliberately reduce their work hours to manipulate their income for a lower spousal or child support responsibility. Such actions are often indicative of an imminent divorce.

It is crucial you stay incredibly mindful of your financial situation. Keep diligent track of all expenses, monitor inflows and outflows from joint accounts, and stay vigilant about the status of shared assets. By staying aware and informed, you can better protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, many fail to do so until it is too late—when they are served with legal documents and suddenly unable to access their debit or credit cards. Being cognizant of your financial situation within the context of your marriage is essential for your own protection and peace of mind.

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