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DC Nguyen Law is the top defense firm in Renton, WA. Diem Chi Nguyen always puts her clients first and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your rights are protected. Whether you need criminal defense trial assistance, help with a family law issue such as divorce or child support, or protection from domestic violence, DC Nguyen Law will be there to support you every step of the way.

Ms. Nguyen is bilingual, speaking both English and Vietnamese. This makes her exceptionally qualified to serve the many Vietnamese citizens living in Washington State.

Domestic Violence Lawyer: If you are in a relationship where you feel unsafe or threatened, it is paramount to reach out for help immediately. Many resources are available to victims of domestic violence to help you begin a healthy and safe recovery. A qualified domestic abuse lawyer will aid in helping you understand all available options. Remember, not all forms of domestic violence involve physical violence. Emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse can be just as damaging. If you believe you may be a victim of domestic violence, reach out for help today. A qualified domestic abuse lawyer can help you state your case clearly.

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Client Testimonials

Bilingual Criminal Defense Attorney In Seattle, WA

Bilingual DUI/DWI Attorney In King County, WA

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime such as a DUI or DWI, you will require an experienced DUI attorney on your side. Our law firm has successfully protected individuals in all types of DUI cases, from those who blew under .08 BAC (blood alcohol content) to those who outright refused a breath test or blood draw. Our team is aware of what it takes to get the best possible outcome in your case, and we will fight to protect your interests.

A truly skilled DUI or DWI lawyer can ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the case and establish supporting facts for your defense. This could include questioning whether the traffic stop was constitutional, if the officer properly read Miranda Rights, or whether there was legal justification for administering a breathalyzer test. With a strong defense, you may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. It's worth doing everything you can to win a DUI case, as doing so may protect your future. Read More

Bilingual MISDEMEANORS Attorney In King County, WA

If you are facing criminal charges, it is crucial to have an experienced criminal lawyer by your side. A good lawyer will know how to develop the best strategy for your particular case. Your attorney will look at the evidence against you and try to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They will also be familiar with the potential penalties and consequences you may face.

At DC Nguyen Law, we understand that dealing with litigation can be a difficult and confusing process. Whether you believe you have made a mistake or have been wrongfully accused, we can help sort out the facts and ensure that your rights are protected. Thankfully for you, our defense attorney has extensive knowledge in handling misdemeanors. Common offenses include driving without a valid license, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and shoplifting. However, this is just a sampling of the cases we are equipped to handle. Having a dependable legal representative is crucial if you are charged with an assault, traffic violation, or even something as minor as speeding. Your case could potentially have significant consequences, so choosing a lawyer you can trust and communicate with is essential. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to contact us. DC Nguyen Law is here to assist you throughout this difficult time. Read More

Bilingual Divorce Attorney In King County, WA

Divorce can be so complicated, especially when it comes to asset distribution and custody concerns. However, with the help of our family and divorce lawyer, you can work through these complex issues and come to a resolution that works for everyone involved.

A large benefit of utilizing an attorney for divorce is having better odds when seeking alimony. In the State of Washington, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to awarding alimony. The length of a given marriage is usually the most significant factor in deciding how much alimony one spouse will have to pay the other. However, there is no statute or case law explicitly stating the required award for alimony. It's wisest to consult with a divorce lawyer to get the best possible outcome for yourself. Read More

Bilingual Family Law Attorney In King County, WA

No two family situations are alike. Ms. Nguyen can assist you with everything from filing for child support to establishing custody arrangements. Whether you require assistance modifying an existing custody arrangement or are starting from scratch, our firm is equipped to deliver the assistance you need to move on in the healthiest way you can. Additionally, finding an equitable child support resolution is challenging to calculate alone. If you're hoping to arrive at a fair child support resolution, our attorney will be willing to go the extra mile to retrieve documentation that accurately establishes your net income.

If you're a parent in Washington state, you probably have many questions about child support. Our firm can provide all the information you need to stay informed and help you enforce payments if necessary. Most people never plan to go through a divorce, but sometimes it's the best option for your future. This is no easy decision to make alone, and it can be a barrier to even know where to turn at such an emotional time. But with the help of a family law attorney like Ms. Nguyen, you can make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Read More

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Bankruptcy Lawyer In Renton

Bankruptcy Lawyer In Renton

Do you need help with your finances? A chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Renton, WA, can assist you in getting your life back on track. Ms. Nguyen will work with you to ensure you make the best future decisions. She can also help you to negotiate with your creditors and may be able to help you keep your home or car.

Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful since it involves our financial security, but our experienced chapter 7 attorney can help make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. We will handle all the paperwork, identify any exemptions you may have, and ensure you are in accordance with any detailed requirements prescribed by the court. Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually does not require debtors to start a repayment plan. However, the court may direct you to liquidate assets to have funds for reimbursing creditors. Our primary goal is to assist you through this tough time and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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