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The Impact Of A DUI Conviction On CDLs In Washington

Three construction workers are talking to each other - DC Nguyen LawIn this article, you will learn:

  • How a DUI conviction can impact your commercial driver’s license.
  • The differences between a DUI on a CDL and a DUI on a regular driver’s license
  • Why the type of vehicle being driven at the time of your arrest matters in a DUI case.

How Does A DUI Conviction Impact An Individual’s Commercial Driver’s License?

Holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) subjects you to a higher standard than a regular license. As such, a DUI conviction poses a significant risk to your CDL, often leading to its revocation.

Unlike a standard driver’s license that can be suspended and reinstated, a CDL revocation is a more serious consequence associated with a DUI conviction because of the high possibility of permanent revocation and resulting permanent impact on your ability to work within your field.

Does A DUI Charge And Conviction In Washington State Impact Both My CDL And Regular Driver’s License?

For individuals holding both a regular driver’s license and a CDL, a DUI charge automatically triggers notification to the DOL for the regular driver’s license suspension.

When it comes to your regular license, requesting a hearing within 14 days is crucial to contest the suspension of this part of your driving privileges. Without a hearing, the DOL proceeds with a maximum 90-day suspension, after which you can reinstate the license by paying the reissuance fee.

For a CDL, however, a DUI charge and subsequent conviction will result in the DOL seeking to revoke your CDL. Unlike a regular license, there is no remedy available, and while a hearing can be requested, winning the administrative case to reinstate your CDL after a DUI conviction is unlikely.

Does It Matter If I Was Driving A Car Or Driving A Commercial Vehicle When Pulled Over And Arrested For DUI In Washington?

The consequences of a DUI differ between a regular driver’s license and a CDL. For a regular vehicle, you might face a suspension of your driver’s license, potential restitution, and increased insurance costs. If a commercial vehicle was involved, the DUI protocol remains the same, but the impact on a CDL is more substantial.

This is because CDL drivers are held to a higher standard due to the nature of operating larger vehicles with heavier gross weights. The revocation of a CDL, coupled with potential higher restitution costs, underscores the stricter consequences faced by CDL holders in the aftermath of a DUI.

Is It Possible To Save My CDL In Washington State After A DUI Arrest And Conviction?

If you were arrested and charged with a DUI, you still have the opportunity to litigate and contest the case against you However, if there is a conviction, there’s a very slim chance you will have your CDL reinstated; it will likely be permanently revoked.

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